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SyncTool™ LV Dyssynchrony.
An easy 1-minute analysis to better select heart failure patients who would benefit from CRT.
Now cardiologists who use TDI Echo to analyze LV dyssynchrony have an adjunctive or alternative tool for diagnosis.

SyncTool™ is based on multi-harmonic phase analysis developed by E.V. Garcia, PhD, and J. Chen, MD, at Emory University's nuclear medicine department. It has been proven to be more sensitive than TDI Echo. What's more, it's performed using the same data from the nuclear cardiology perfusion so there is no additional cost for the study.

SyncTool™ integrates with Emory Toolbox™ for optimum efficiency.
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Why add SyncTool™ to your toolkit?
Fast, easy, lower cost, more accurate
An easy, 1-minute, more accurate analysis from the perfusion study you already perform. It's no wonder SyncTool™ is being adopted by more and more nuclear labs around the world.
Available for more patients
You cannot perform a 3D or stress echo in all patients, but all patients can undergo a nuclear cardiology gated SPECT study.
Easy analysis of previous studies
The SyncTool reporting process can also be applied to any Gated SPECT MPI data or previously stored image with no additional procedures.
Predict presence and location of scar tissue
SyncTool™ also provides the cardiologist with additional prognostic information that can be obtained from 3D perfusion images, such as presence and location of scar tissue.
Use for FDG-PET studies
Additionally, SyncTool's broad range and application also supports FDG-PET studies in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy.
Researched by nuclear cardiologists worldwide
The study of multi-harmonic phase analysis relevant to Gated SPECT and Cardiac PET imaging for LV dyssynchrony and ischemic cardiomyopathy has attracted the attention of nuclear cardiologists worldwide. The following researchers are currently investigating this topic and have co-authored articles with Garcia and Chen.
  • Ami E. Iskandrian, MD, Cardiology, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Salvador Borges-Neto, MD, Cardiology, Duke University
  • William P. Segars, PhD. Duke University, study in JNC, 2008
  • Kenneth Nichols, PhD, Long Island Jewish Hospital, NY
  • Gordon Depuey, Nuclear Cardiology, Columbia Presbyterian, NY
  • Fabio Esteves, Nuclear Cardiology, Emory University
  • Ottawa Heart Center, Canada, uses SyncTool for PET images
  • Jeroen Bax, MD, PhD, Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Jose C. Meneghetti, MD, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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