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Who is Syntermed?

Syntermed is a leading provider of nuclear imaging software. We establish alliances with developers, medical centers, and other medical software companies for the purpose of enhancing our product line and the services. Our goal is to be able to offer a complete line of medical imaging software products encompassing all medical imaging modalities.


Syntermed is an Atlanta-based company established in 1999 providing software solutions for diagnostic medical imaging used for the processing, quantitation, interpretation, and reporting of medical images for all medical modalities. Syntermed also provides the deployment services used by investigators to commercialize their intellectual property. The founder’s combined expertise includes over 50 years working on the development and commercialization of nuclear medicine and PET software so Syntermed’s initial focus will concentrate on servicing diagnostic medical software for this imaging modality. Syntermed will then proceed to include medical software from the other medical imaging modalities.


Since 1999, Syntermed, Inc., a privately-held nuclear medicine imaging and informatics software company based in Atlanta, GA, has served nuclear cardiology and nuclear medicine labs through all major OEM imaging providers and leading value added resellers, as well as, direct. Syntermed software quantifies and delivers decision support for the analysis of SPECT or PET images of the heart and brain.  Emory Toolbox, now in its fourth generation, is one of the most widely applied methods of cardiac imaging, used in labs worldwide. Version 4.0 is distinguished by SmartScores™,  the industry's first 510K approved image decision support system which automatically produces a natural language and structured report, as well as the industry's most comprehensive set of tools (Synctool™ and Adreview tools)  for determining mortality risk and aid in the diagnosis of congestive heart failure. And all of this is available through Syntermed Live™ which is already being used by hundreds of  nuclear medicine physicians worldwide to get round-the-clock secure, remote access to their studies and reports no matter where they are.


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