NeuroQ™ for amyloid imaging

Quantifying Amyloid in the Brain.

The FDA has recently approved three new radiotracers for amyloid imaging with PET.  The NeuroQ method for regional quantification of PET scans has been FDA-cleared for analysis of both FDG and amyloid imaging data.  In addition, the latest release of NeuroQ includes a module specificlally designed for optimized analysis of scans acquired with Amyvid™, including validation with databases of positive and negative scans, to establish radiotracer-specific mean and range of retention values; modules for similarly optimized analysis of scans acquired with other tracers are presently under development.



Currently Available Amyloid Analysis Method.

Display output of Amyvid™ analysis in the NeuroQ application is shown. The left insert image shows the regions used to calculate cortex-to-whole cerebellum ratios (using ROIs from Clark et al, 2012 validated for amyloid imaging with florbetapir).  The images on the right side of the screen demonstrate application of the standardized volume-of-interest (sVOI or “cluster”) NeuroQ display-and-analysis algorithms, tailored to amyloid-PET template space.