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Syntermed IDS

Clinical Decision Support

Smarter, faster nuclear cardiology reading and reporting

Emory Toolbox 4.0

The next level of nuc lab workflow and productivity

SyncTool and AdreView

A better system for evaluating heart failure patients

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Syntermed IDS™

Clinical Decision Support

and SmartReport™.

Survival of the Smartest.

Advanced tools to demonstrate value

Syntermed IDS

Clinical Decision Support.

Now included with Emory Toolbox 4.0.


Smart Reporting Software.

powered by Syntermed IDS.

Now available with Emory Toolbox 4.0.

"...Clinical decision support will be vital in demonstrating imaging program value."

-The Advisory Board Company, Imaging Performance Partnership, In Defense of Imaging

High quality reporting. Fast.

  • Instantly, automatically generates an intelligent, structured report for perfusion, function and viability.

  • Syntermed IDS integrates multiple factors into the generation of the smart scores, i.e. gender, wall motion, AC/nonAC, and prone/supine information, to generate a comprehensive score reducing interpretation time significantly for the physician.

  • Single click to generate report for normal studies

Easy, natural and flexible workflow.

  • Deliver high quality reporting customized to your own clinical workflow and reading expertise.

  • Generates a natural language defect-phrase preview.

  • Physician sees justifications, can easily review data and modify or approve the report.

  • Simple, seamless EMR integration.

Data-driven to demonstrate value.

  • Clinical decision support is one of the key tools that will help you to effectively demonstrate the high value of your nuclear cardiology program.

  • Capture data, archive it, keep it accessible.

  • ICANL compliant and ASNC ImageGuide Registry ready.

  • The Web version of SmartReport provides client/server capability where multiple personnel can access and modify the report from any PC improving efficiency and workflow.


Contact us to see how Syntermed IDS and SmartReport can help position your practice for success in the new high-value, outcomes-based, data-driven nuclear cardiology.

Advanced tools for maximum productivity

Workflow and efficiency demands.  EMR integration.  Appropriate-use criteria and outcomes-based reimbursement.  We've seen it all coming, and built the new Emory Toolbox 4.0- one seamless, integrated system - to help you manage it all and succeed.  Take a Toolbox test drive and see for yourself!



  • Anywhere, anytime reading and reporting, on any PC, in a HIPAA-compliant and secure cloud-based system.

  • Completely rebuilt on a new .NET architecture providing time-saving, workflow-friendly enhancements like multi-monitor display, dynamic windowing, and comprehensive 3D display.

  • Clinical enhancements including improved base detection, diastolic performance detection, % uptake, indexed functional values and viability analysis.

  • Via Syntermed's Consulting Services Group, one-way or two-way EMR/HL7 interfaces are available for most EMR providers with minimal impact on your internal IT resources and at minimal cost.

  • ECTb 4.0 with SmartReport was built from the ground up to automatically support the ASNC ImageGuide Registry and EMR integration.

  • Post-Facto reorientation significantly improves workflow efficiency by allowing physicians to correct improper SPECT or PET tomogram orientation during image interpretation.

  • A single, completely integrated solution for both cardiac SPECT and PET studies.

  • Clinical Decision Support to help your practice meet the demands of the new, high-value, data-driven, outcomes-based nuclear cardiology (see above for details).

Advanced tools for heart failure diagnosis

SyncTool and Adreview.

A better system for evaluating heart failure patients.

AdreView Tools

Evaluate the sympathetic nerves in the heart to help identify mortality risk and aid in the diagnosis of congestive heart failure.


Improved analysis of LV Dyssynchrony for better CRT patient selection, and to pinpoint left ventricular lead location.

Emory Toolbox 4.0 now includes SyncTool and AdreView Tools with expanded functionality.  It's the only nuclear imaging software system for evaluating two different avenues of heart failure and quantitatively providing a more comprehensive diagnosis of congestive heart failure.

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