NeuroQ™ Brain Imaging Analysis

A clear picture of dementia.  A major impact on therapy.

The leading brain imaging analysis software.  One powerful diagnostic tool now available for multiple modalities and clinical applications.

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Distinguishing between dementias.

More than 30% of patients with dementia are misdiagnosed.  Using FDG-PET in the diagnosis of dementia increases the accuracy of the diagnosis to approximately 90%.











NeuroQ goes beyond the visual read and provides valuable non-subjective diagnostic information. Metabolic levels in more than 240 pre-defined regions of the brain are rapidly compared to those in the normal database and quantified to show the degree of abnormality and statistical significance of the findings.

Daniel Silverman, M.D. PhD, head of Neuronuclear Imaging section, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA said "For patients whose clinical work-up has not led to a definitive diagnosis, brain PET is currently our single best tool to differentiate dementias, especially in the early stages of the disease.  Adding quantitative analysis to PET can further improve the ability to diagnose the cause of the dementia."

What is NeuroQ?  An introduction from its developer, Daniel Silverman, MD, PhD, head of Neuronuclear Imaging section, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

"Put it this way, I wouldn't read a Brain PET without it."

Avery Brinkley, M.D., Clinical PET of Ocala

NeuroQ provides ultimate diagnostic confidence, which makes a major impact on dementia therapy.

Treatment is specific to each type of dementia, so accurate diagnosis is critical.  NeuroQ goes beyond the eye to discern a very subtle grey-scale.  That's why so many radiologists, nuclear physicians and and other professional Brain PET interpreters worldwide rely on NeuroQ.

Referring physicians really like NeuroQ.

A definitive, quantitative differential diagnosis delivered with NeuroQ color-coded jpegs attached to your PET report is very important to the physician treating dementia.

Track the progression of dementia.

NeuroQ is the only program that analyzes the difference between two PET brain studies of the same patient providing an analysis for progression or regression of the disease.