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A tool to analyze SPECT images acquired using 123I AdreView, a radiopharmaceutical for imaging myocardial innervation. There are several tools for assessing AdreView uptake:

  • Quantifying AdreView uptake relative to normal.

  • Determination of uptake of AdreView in the heart relative to uptake of a perfusion agent such as tetrofosmin or sestamibi.

  • Calculation of heart-to-mediastinum ratio from transaxial AdreView images.

HeartFusion™, an Advanced Cardiac Tool for PET/CT

Used to monitor vascular response to treatment and personalize medical treatment plans.

When assessing coronary artery disease, HeartFusion fuses CT angiography images with PET functional data. The result is a more comprehensive evaluation of heart function.

A single fused image with greater perfusion detail.

HeartFusion details anatomical and functional information of the coronary vasculature by combining both the CT angiography data and PET data into one fused image.














The end result is greater detail about perfusion. The normal limits for NH3, Rb82, and FDG protocols help determine the severity of the disease.


HeartFusion™ fuses CT angiography images with PET functional data to provide more comprehensive assessments of coronary artery disease, monitors vascular response to treatment, defines more aggressive preventive therapies for every patient and provides more cost-effective healthcare.

The software program provides more accurate views through an interactive display that matches the anatomical lesions with the functional defect.


HeartFusion has static and cine displays for easy viewing of the information. 

3D Polar maps are enhanced with an accurate correlation of the vasculature.

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