Sync and AdreView Tools.

For evaluating the sympathetic nerves in the heart.

Syntermed is the only imaging software system on the market for evaluating two different avenues of heart failure and quantitatively providing a more accurate diagnosis of the disease.

SyncTool for better heart failure patient selection.

1/3 of patients do not benefit from CRT. SyncTool improves the ability to pinpoint where to put the left ventricular lead.


SyncTool is a phase analysis software tool that analyzes the benefits of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) in heart failure patients.  It has been proven to be more sensitive than TDI Echo to analyze LV Dyssynchrony.  SyncTool analysis takes just seconds and uses the same data from perfusion studies.  The reporting process can also be applied to any

Gated SPECT MPI data set

or previously stored image,

and provides prognostic

information from the 3D

perfusion images about the

presence and location of scar

tissue.  In addition to

myocardial perfusion SPECT

and PET studies, SyncTool

can also be used with FDG-PET

studies for patients with

ischemic cardiomyopathy.

SPECT MPI versus Speckle Tracking Echocardiology (STE).

Emory University nuclear cardiology researchers have been at the forefront of research evaluating SPECT MPI versus Speckle Tracking Echocardiology (STE) for the diagnosis of heart failure.  Studies show that patients respond more favorably if the left ventricular lead is positioned in the right place.  The technology for SyncTool is based on multi-harmonic phase analysis research originally developed by E.V. Garcia and J. Chen at Emory University. 

"Of all heart failure patients, about two-thirds of the patients getting CRT will benefit from that treatment yet one-third will not.  Phase analysis of left ventricular dyssynchrony can help with two critical issues: First, how to select the right patient for CRT; and second, where to put the left ventricular lead.

        --Ji Chen, PhD, Associate Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Cardiology R&D at Emory University

The VISION-CRT trial sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a branch of the United Nations, involves heart failure patients in nine countries: Italy, Algeria, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and Vietnam.  SyncTool will be used as part of the nuclear cardiology imaging protocol for the diagnosis of heart failure.  This study will include phase analysis for LV Dyssynchrony. 

SyncTool used in IAEA sponsored clinical trial to help improve heart failure diagnosis in at-risk groups.

AdreView Tools for SPECT studies.

To help identify mortality risk and aid in the diagnosis of congestive heart failure.


AdreView Tools for SPECT studies performing quantitative analysis and display of SPECT I-123 mlBG data sets, is a new advance for the diagnosis of heart failure.  With AdreView Tools clinicians now have a quantitative, numeric score to help identify mortality risk and aid in the diagnosis of congestive heart failure.  Studies have shown that abnormal myocardial sympathetic innervation is associated with increased mortality and morbidity rates in patients with heart failure*.  Nuclear imaging techniques can be used to provide detailed information for the detection of early phase heart failure, as well as, for monitoring the effects of new therapeutic interventions.  


*Leimbach WVN Jr., Wallin BG, Victor RG, Aylward PE, Sundlof G, Mark AL.  "Direct evidence from intraneural recordings for increased central sympathetic outflow in patients with heart failure."  Circulation 1986; 73:913-9. 


†AdreView Tools is a trademark of the General Electric Company.