A letter from a patient.

"I am writing to express my gratitude for your software, NeuroQ, which essentially saved my life."

"3 years ago, I developed autonomic dysfunction and severe visual and other sensory abnormalities.  I doctored with over 50 experts, had a normal brain MRI, but for more than a year, my visual and sensory problems were misdiagnosed as epilepsy or migraine or anxiety; things kept worsening and no treatment worked, but nobody would believe that it was something more serious.  I had a brain FDG-PET scan a year later which was initially misinterpreted as normal...


2 years ago... the autonomic component was diagnosed correctly, but the...neuroimmunologist initially misinterpreted my visual symptoms as migrainous.  However, when the...radiologist analyzed the above PET scan with NeuroQ, hypometabolism in the primary and associative visual cortex, right temporal lobe and cerebellum was revealed.  The pattern of abnormalities was unknown, but it was only then that the severity of the problem was understood and the correct diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis was made.  I was finally given immunotherapy and recovered 80-90% after a few months.


Thank you for inventing the software that helped save my brain, life and career."


Sincerely, (name withheld)