NeuroQ™ PET-FDG brain imaging software

"Put it this way, I wouldn't read a BrainPET without it."

Avery Brinkley, M.D. Clinical PET of Ocala

NeuroQ™ is the most powerful and widely used quantitative tool for the differential diagnosis of dementia.  Radiologists, nuclear physicians, and other professional Brain PET interpreters use NeuroQ to gain a higher level of decision support and confidence from NeuroQ for PET-FDG brain imaging studies.  

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NeuroPET Preceptorship

Presenter Dan Silverman, M.D.

Oct 18-19 Los Angeles

PET and AD: The Book

When and Why to add PET to clinical evaluation of dementia

NeuroQ was developed by Daniel Silverman, M.D. PhD, head of Neuronuclear Imaging section, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. In 2009, Dr. Silverman created another valuable resource for BrainPET diagnosticians, PET in the Evaluation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, which details when and why to add PET to the clinical evaluation of dementia.



Dr. Silverman on Alzheimer's vs. Dementia: What's the difference?

What is NeuroQ?


NeuroQ software is designed to perform a quantitative analysis of FDG-PET and amyloid brain scans using a standardized Region of Interest (ROI) method. This software program will analyze the distribution of FDG and amyloid PET tracers in individual scans, as well as, the sometimes hard-to-detect differences between two PET scans on the same patient taken at different points in time.