NeuroQ allows for comparison of two studies from the same patient performed at different times.

Serial Studies

By providing a Difference Image between the two studies, NeuroQ is able to show how much each region has changed in metabolic activity over time.

An effective way to monitor the progression of dementia over time.

The oldest study is displayed in the top row, the most recent in the middle row, and the difference image is displayed in the bottom image to the right. The middle slider bar in the middle row is used to step through the planes. All images with the exception of the patient’s images in the left hand column will move when the slider bar is moved left or right. The difference image shows the regions in which there is at least a 1 standard deviation difference between the original and recent study. This analysis is helpful to monitor the progression of dementia over a period of time.

Online demonstrations available. 

NeuroPET Preceptorship

Presenter Dan Silverman, M.D.

Oct 18-19 Los Angeles

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