ASNC Recap 2014

At the recent ASNC annual meeting Syntermed, Inc. unveiled the Emory Toolbox 4.0's newest diagnostic capabilities: FlowToolTM for cardiac PET studies, SyncToolTM with AdreView Tools for the quantitative evaluation of heart failure, and post factor reorientation for either SPECT or PET tomogram misalignment.

"’As risk based payment models mature, every medical procedure, including diagnostic imaging, is under greater scrutiny and providers must be able to effectively demonstrate the value of procedures," says Michael Lee, CEO, Syntermed, Inc. "Emory Toolbox 4.0 with Syntermed IDSTM delivers the industry’s first diagnostic decision support. It is designed to help clinicians maintain high quality interpretations and deliver high value reports in less time. " Within Emory Toolbox 4.0, new benefits include: Flowtool, a new coronary blood flow analysis tool that computes absolute blood flow and coronary flow reserve from dynamic PET studies. This application applies to triple vessel and endothelial diseases. In addition, Emory Toolbox 4.0 now has post facto reorientation. This feature assists the physician with image interpretation correction for SPECT or PET tomogram misalignment in real time thus eliminating the need to reprocess. Emory Toolbox 4.0 also includes SyncTool for LV dyssynchrony. Synctool in conjunction with the available AdreView Tools delivers the only quantitative software on the market for evaluating two avenues of congestive heart failure. All of these products take the data-driven technology of SPECT and PET myocardial perfusion imaging to higher levels both clinically and as practice builders. "Because version 4.0 is built on a .NET architecture, we will be able to bring our strong pipeline of new features to the market faster than ever before.” adds Lee. Syntermed recently announced new partnerships in Europe, Asia, and South America.

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