Philips Healthcare IntelliSpace Portal 7 platform now offers the availability of NeuroQ™ v3.6

Syntermed, Inc. announces that Emory Toolbox (ECTb) 4.0 and NeuroQ 3.6 is available on the Philips Healthcare IntelliSpace Portal 7 platform. Presently, Philips Healthcare offers Syntermed's NeuroQ 3.6 software for PET-FDG and Amyloid brain imaging quantitative analysis on Philips IntelliSpace Portal 6. Starting in 2015, Syntermed's NeuroQ v3.6 will also be available on the Philips IntelliSpace Portal 7 platform. Michael Lee, CEO, Syntermed. "NeuroQ 3.6 is a significant upgrade from version 3.0 offering many clinical and workflow enhancements plus support for Amyloid studies, as well as, same patient serial studies which provides analysis for the progression of disease.” Syntermed's website now offers updated software references and content for its nuclear cardiology and brain imaging product lines and includes several new staff training and demonstration resources.

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