SmartReport™ remote reading

with decision support

The first ever cloud-based nuclear reporting with

imaging decision support (IDS).

Study processed in Emory Toolbox 4.0


Syntermed IDS™ converts study to

segmental quantitative scores


Automatically propagates an

intellegent, structured report for

perfusion, function and viability

Generates a natural language

defect phrase preview


Physician sees justifications


Can easily review data and

modify or approve the report

Schedule a SmartReport demo

Watch a 2 min intro to Toolbox 4.0

Request a Free 30 Day Trial

Fewer clicks.  Fewer Screens.  Faster Reporting.

A nuclear physician’s value is in reading and reporting. Not clicking, typing, searching and scrolling.Generate a structured report. Very fast. Very easy to modify.

SmartReport. The Result is faster, more efficient nuclear reporting and overall workflow.

Perfusion Screen Output

Functional Screen Output

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