System Requirements

Recomended Technical Specifications

Our latest generation of applications, including Emory Toolbox 4.x and SmartReport, are capable of running on most systems and have been designed to take advantage of modern processors through parallel processing. Listed below is the recommended minimum system configuration.  The operating system is more of a personal preference and has little to no effect on performance or user experience.

System Requirements

(ECTb 4.x and NeuroQ 3.x)


Minimum Specs
  MS Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit) , core i3/i5, 4Gb of RAM and a 24" 1080p monitor

  **FlowTool requires 64 bit and 8Gb of RAM

Recommended Specs

  MS Windows 10 (64bit) or higher, core i7, SSD, 8Gb of RAM and a 24" 1920x1200 monitor.

  ECTb and Smart Report are optimized to take advantage of multiple displays if available.


NeuroQ Display 

  • NeuroQ requires a horizontal resolution of at least 1280 (ie. 1920x1200 monitor used in portrait mode is not recommended)


(1) The system drive is where the OS is installed, typically the C:\ drive.
(2) The application(s) can be configured to store this data on a non-system drive (1).


While systems not meeting the minimum requirements may run, your experience will be better when meeting or exceeding the recommended list.