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The Tell-Tale Heart:  Ernest Garcia and the

Emory Cardiac Toolbox


This software program, known as the Emory Cardiac Toolbox™ (ECTb™), is one of the most widely applied cardiac imaging systems in the world, and was developed by Ernest V. Garcia, PhD, Professor of Radiology, the Emory University School of Medicine. Garcia, who credits his invention with saving his own life, says the most fundamental question the software addresses is whether a patient has coronary artery disease.


How to succeed in today's fast-paced, data-driven,

outcomes-based Nuclear Cardiology with Emory Toolbox.

Fast, automatic, 230-rule interpretation with Syntermed IDS Clinical Decision Support

The best, easiest, cloud-based remote reading and reporting by far with Syntermed Live

Improved workflow efficiency with post-facto reorientation

Fast, fewer-clicks, automatically-generated structured natural language reporting with SmartReport

Absolute Blood Flow and Cardiac Flow Reserve

Improved workflow efficiency with post-facto reorientation

Easily capture and demonstrate the value of your procedures for the ASNC ImageGuide Registry

Easy, automatic EMR integration

Absolute Blood Flow and Cardiac Flow Reserve

Emory Toolbox, now in its fourth generation, is one of the most widely applied methods of cardiac imaging used in labs worldwide.

Worldwide access to Toolbox 4.0

New levels of clinical decision support, usability enhancements and workflow efficiency awaits the Cardiologist and Nuclear Cardiology Technologist.  

Emory Toolbox is available from all major OEMs,

industry leading PACS and solution providers, and

directly from Syntermed. 

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