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A clear picture of dementia.

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A Toolbox v4 Tour

Syntermed’s David Cooke demonstrates Toolbox 4.0 SmartReport™ featuring fewer clicks, fewer screens and faster reporting. Emory Toolbox 4.0 delivers the first ever cloud-based nuclear reporting with imaging decision support (IDS). 

What is NeuroQ?

Dr. Dan Silverman, M.D. PhD. discusses the brain imaging software he created specifically for early Alzheimer's detection. NeuroQ performs quantitative analysis of FDG-PET, amyloid, and SPECT brain scans using a standardized Region of Interest (ROI) method.

Syntermed medical devices are in compliance with FDA (Quality System Records/Pre-Market Notfication 510(k)) and European Union (ISO 13485:2016 FM 670241/CE Mark 696491) regulations.  See eIFU for ECTb and NeuroQ.

JNC Technical Corner


Technical aspects of gated SPECT MPI assessment of left ventricular dyssynchrony used in the VISION-CRT study